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Dragon Results delivers more than you expect and will help your business win with their proven SEO methods. Shawn and his company are top-notch and If you are ready to take your search marketing to the next level I would recommend contacting them today!
Nathan Ngo
Shawn with Dragon Results Media has been a great help to me recently. He had me looked at my business website in a new way and I would recommend his SEO and digital marketing service to anyone!
Dr. Joanny Liu
Dragon Results delivers top-notch SEO for local businesses. Shawn and his company are great to work with, and they will help move your website to the top of Google’s search results which can help you gain more visibility to new customers! If you’ve been looking for an SEO company contact them today
Rami Malaka

Rochester MN SEO Expert

Hello, I’m Shawn with Dragon Results Media, and I would love to rank your business website on Google’s first page so it can generate more traffic and revenue that it deserves! We at Dragon Results Media are local SEO and Digital Marketing Experts who specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why a Rochester SEO?

As someone with a local Rochester, Mn business you have probably heard a few things about SEO. If you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal, the following will help inform you. SEO is a form of digital advertising applied to your business website.  Not only does it increases your visibility on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. It is the greatest factor that affects the ranking of the search engines results page (SERP). Every day you are not visible on Google, which means not ranking on the first page, is costing your company money! Depending on the volume of traffic, you could be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table! Without SEO and first page rankings, you are voluntarily handing money to your competitors, and no company can afford to do that.

All websites need to be optimized well to have a high ranking in the Search Engines. A well-optimized website can directly lead any business’s product, services or content to gain more popularity, meaning an increase in revenue. Any local company can use SEO to their advantage if they hire our Rochester SEO agency. Optimization of a website requires an expert consultant who is aware of all the requirements of the whole process. They’re conscious of the amount of time and patience needed to execute an effective SEO campaign. As well as, how much impact an increase in organic traffic on a website can have on a business’s health, which could mean in the long run a more thriving and growing business instead of a struggling one trying to survive.

Searching online is the way most of your customers and clients are getting their information. With the increase in the use of mobile devices, anything they would like to know about a business is at their fingertips and Google is the number one place they are searching on. Our expert digital search marketer knows which terms have the most search volume, and which keywords have the most traffic. By having our SEO company optimize your website, they would be able to increase your web page’s visibility!  Which means that you can enjoy watching your website moving up in the SERP so that more organic traffic and customers will flow your way!

Cost Effective and Saves Time:

If time, energy and patience are not a problem, then learning SEO and implementing it for your company wouldn’t be a pain. A big problem with doing SEO work on your own, however, is the time it takes to understand search engine algorithm and how to launch an effective SEO campaign. You’ll soon realize that it’s hard work to stand out if you aren’t ranking. Also, it takes out the most important thing that would help you grow your business, which is you and your time. If you’re not ready to give up your time and the effort of running your business to learn SEO, please fill out our discovery application now.

At Dragon Results Media, our SEO agents are experts who do their research so that you don’t have to worry about using keywords that may already be overused, have no buying intent, and ones that have no search volume.

When someone searches for a company on Google, the results are going to change depending on where the person location is. If you can make sure that people get your company’s website first when they do a search, it can help you gain the advantage over your local competitors. Local SEO strategies are something our marketing agency can use to your advantage. If you want to dominate your market instead of competing in it, click here now!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisements that local companies pay to have placed in search results are how sites like Google stay profitable. They have a lot of different tools you can use through their ad systems and can get you results fast. Although, when you stop paying your placed ad disappears as well as the traffic along with it!

Dragon Results SEO is much more cost effective than having to pay for Google ads. Having SEO done to your business or company’s website not only builds authority and trust of your digital asset by having your site climb the rankings. It also turns your site into a competitive force that will keep traffic and revenue coming in for years.

Experts Who Stay On Top:

The best experts stay on top of changes in the market.   They respond and predict where it’s heading.  Keyword research is a must because trends change as time goes on. The right keywords to use for search engine optimization is essential, ask our SEO agency to research them for you. We stay on top of SEO trends and changes in algorithms and can come up with a list of new strategies and terms that people will be searching for and can then add them to your website in strategic ways.

Most people that want to get their company famous online think that they just have to get lucky and go viral. They may share one or two links to a website, and then wonder why nobody wants to visit them. The fact is, you are not going to go viral unless you’re a celebrity or get lucky, so you have to work hard at using SEO and other digital marketing methods.  Our digital marketing experts our the best in the business and we work every day to deliver the results you want!

Client Results Oriented:

How a business treats its client and customers will determine how successful it will be. No matter how good your products or services are if you do not give the customer excellent service they will not return. Your clients are the lifeblood of what keep things going, and without them, there is no business. That is why we work to develop a great working relationship with all the companies who apply to work with us. Dragon Results Media offer no contracts because we want to earn your business every month by over-delivering value and obsessively working on your company’s behalf.

Stop throwing your money away with ads that disappear once you stop paying for them. Work on building a digital asset and let us show you the benefits of hiring the best SEO company in Rochester Mn! Make the right choice and contact us today!  We’ll show you how to boost your business into hyperdrive!

Shawn San | Rochester MN SEO Expert

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